Fossil Wearables App


Fossil Group approached R/GA to create a templated wearables app that would accompany the release of smart watches by brands such as Emporio Armani, Skagen, and Kate Spade.

Project Goals

1. User needs: Create a companion app that allows users to seamlessly setup and configure their display-less watches.
2. Client needs: Create a templated, white-label app that can be easily adapted by brands under Fossil Group to accompany the release of subsequent connected devices.

My Role

On this project, I worked in a tight interdisciplinary team as a UI designer. I had direct access to senior leadership and worked very closely with UX designers to define the experience of the app.

A Gestural Experience

In order to keep the experience of checking sleep, activity or goal progress light and quick, we established a swiping paradigm for the landing pages. Swiping horizontally would allow users to quickly check their daily progress for sleep, activity or goal. And swiping vertically in any of these sections would allow the user to zoom-out and see their weekly and monthly progress.

A Scalable System

We designed the UI to be flexible/scalable. We considered how display faces, background colors and visualizations could be customized to distinguish each brand’s companion app.

Alarms & Notifications

In addition to designing the UI, I worked with XDs to simplify the complications that results in setting alarms and notifications for multiple devices.

Detailed Detailing

We also created a thorough styleguide that specified which components of the app were editable and uneditable, allowing brands to uniquely stylize the UI without disrupting the experience.

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